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President Bartolo Ciccardini (left)with Italy's Premier Honorable Giorgio Napolitano.

President Bartolo Ciccardini with Ciao Italia delegates from England, Belgium, Switzerland, Malta and USA in Lecce Italy during Cibarti Conference in May 2012

Ciao Italia
is an association created to protect and diffuse the quality of the True Italian Restaurant abroad, and to develop the tutelage for the operators, while presenting the world the traditions, the philosophy and the products of Italian Cucina.

Ciao Italia
was founded in 1982, by the Honorable Bartolo Ciccardini and Alfio Bocciardi, and one of the most important prerogatives has been to develop the growth of Italian Cucina in the world, and present the message of culinary and hospitality in true authenticity so very dear to True Italian establishments.

Ciao Italia is a non profit association, and its employees are volunteers. Together with Public entities such as the Institute for foreign Commerce (ICE), and the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism, and other non-for-profit groups created the Insegna del Ristorante Italiano, an award that recognizes, guarantees and certifies distinguished True Italian Restaurants from imitation and counterfeit operations.

The Ciao Italia Insignia is proudly displayed in three hundred and twenty Italian restaurants throughout the world.

Ciao Italia North America’s vision is to be an international forum for the preservation, development and exchange of information, while protecting the knowledge, and inspiration of the True Italian Restaurants community in North America.

Ciao Italia is organized in local chapters and National Chapters, which operate independently, but with the main objectives of the Ciao Italia by-laws (below) Associations are found in 32 countries and five continents.

The world Headquarter is in Rome Italy, headed by President Bartolo Ciccardini, with Mr. Cirino Carroccio, responsible for the development of new projects, and Doctor Lorella Del Grosso who oversees events coordinated in Italy and throughout the world.

Ciao Italia offers to his members the privilege to participate to Conventions, Food shows, work shops and other related events designed to promote and educate the consumers and the media.

These events held in Italy and in other countries, have as primary objective the intent to present the Made in Italy Brand, as a cultural mission that involves operators who are excellent and proud Ambassadors of True Italian Cucina Vera Cucina Italiana)

The Made in Italy brand is an essential representation of Italian hospitality and the authentic research for products that constitutes an absolute message of true identity and Italian philosophy in style.

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